Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who takes tea?

Tea is taken by
ladies in enormous hats
who cut the crusts from sandwiches
and speak of civic renovation.

Tea is taken by
little girls with lacy socks
around small tables
pouring cups of air.

Tea is taken by
lonely writers
dreaming of Heathcliff
sitting before a
blank screen.

Tea is taken by
lovelorn souls
holding the kettle
as tears fall into the cup.

Tea is taken by
lovers young and old
lying in bed
reading the paper.

Tea is taken by
those who grasp
the alchemy
of leaves and water,
the resurrection of power
long gone dry.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tea Sacrifice

The joining for tea, or even water
can be a meaningful experience.

Here are the 'Rules of Sacrifice' for Sakin'el,
which may be of use here.


Sacrifice is an essential component of the Sakin’el experience.

S – Share food and drink with a stranger

A - Acknowledge simple kindness

C - Cultivate joy and harmony

R - Remember Namaste’

I - Intermingle

F - Follow your heart

I - Invoke inner peace

C - Create friendships

E - Enjoy each journey

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Pegasus and Raven Visit Tea Rooms

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Rose hips A widdershins moment

At the Tea Room they serve rose petal tea
and I recall how we children nibbled in coldest winter days
the soft skin of the rose hips left on the bush above the snow

In spring it was the peppermint taste
of violet stems and the delight of the first wild strawberry
from a sunny spot

Hazelnuts in fall, we could hardly wait
until the outer shell was dry and prickly
and the ripened nut inside, as big as the tip of a child's finger

Rose petal taste is delicate
pretty as the flower
but the leaves of the cottonwood are sticky

Stems of the dandelion
bitter and sharp but not so dry
on the mouth as a ripe chokecherry

Wild raspberries tiny and likely
to be occupied, watch carefully
and look before tasting

Saskatoons leave fingers purple
but so delicious that we could hardly
reach home with our pails full

Ah, childhood, country of memories, and dreams

Friday, September 23, 2005

Menu of the Week

Fresh Cucumber, Orange & Wild Mnemosyne Mint Sandwiches

Scones with English Preserves and Devonshire’s Faeries Cream

Hestia’s Lemon cakes and Raspberry Pastries

Choice of tea:

Lavender Earl Grey
Earl Grey tea flavored with Baba Yaga’s
lavender petals

China Rose Petal
A soothing tea, layered with rose petals from
The Gorgon’s garden

Chamomile Flowers Tisane
A relaxing drink, made from chamomile flowers
from Egypt and Spain from a gracious gift of a Griffin.

Jasmine Blossom Green Tea
Green tea combined with jasmine flowers for a delicate
flavor; best taken plain at dusk in the company of faeries.

*All ingredients taken kindly with permission.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Welcome Travelers

Dear Travelers,

I would like to welcome you to a new shop Tea, Tree & Quills. It is a gentle place where you may choose from a menu of wonderful items to refresh the spirit. We have a unique shop located in the trees in a quaint little treehouse overlooking the Creek.

From this vantage point I hope while reading tea leaves or just having a rest that some perceptive will inspire you to write. Please post letters or poems as you like.

Currently I am working on hosting a Witches Tea for the month of October. I hope you will join in. And perhaps even dress up for the occasion.