Tuesday, January 24, 2006

During my cuppa

As I sit in the tea tree sipping a lovely steamy mug of jasmine tea, I pen a poem that tells of my heart's new topography:


Today and every day.
I will seek out joy,
Share laughter and smiles.
Celebrate the day,
I will savour the moment
As it flerets into history.
Lose myself in a sunbeam
Feel breezes on my face.

I will dance fearlessly
Not caring who might see.
Today and every day.
I will offer kindnesses
Share myself sans expectations
With friends and strangers.
I will thank the Gods
That I am here, alive.

Taste deeply of all feelings
Experieince every sensation equally.
Pain has a place in our lives
As surely as does joy.
Today and every day.
I will celebrate that I love
Without claiming possesion,
And can still trust others.

This be my new reality,
A vist of wonders to discover
Both great and small joys,
Something glorious to be found.
Hope a sweet companion,
And a smile that is always ready.
This is the prayer of my Spirit
Today and every day.